Petaluma Fathers’ Rights Attorney

Experienced Custody Attorney Assisting California Clients with Fathers’ Rights Issues

The most important thing for California fathers to keep in mind is that there is no legal bias toward granting mothers custody of your children. Your custody dispute will likely come down to the same factors that underlie any other — namely, parenting time, financial security and your relationship with your child.

The Best Interests of Your Child

When making custody decisions regarding your children, California judges will place a premium on what’s best for them now and in the immediate future. This means that custody arrangements will take into account your child’s relationship with both you and their mother, as well as whether or not there’s a history of domestic abuse and/or neglect.

Questions, Meet Answers

Custody disputes are among the most challenging experiences a parent can face. Having helped Sonoma County families for nearly four decades, attorney Jeffrey Zimmerman offers a keen insight into the potential trials and tribulations associated with fathers’ custody rights. If you have questions and/or concerns regarding your family law case, contact Zimmerman Law Offices today.

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