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If you are a mother going through a divorce or pursuing custody, it's important to understand that mothers and fathers have the same rights under California laws. Gone are the days when a mother would be all but guaranteed to win sole custody if she chose to pursue it. Instead, both mothers and fathers must demonstrate their relationship to their children and the care they provide. Whether you are pursuing sole or shared custody of your child, or if you are trying to establish paternity in order to receive child support, Zimmerman Law Offices has the knowledge and experience to successfully represent you in your claim.

Child Custody for Mothers

In all child custody cases, the court’s number one concern is the best interests of the child. For mothers and fathers alike, judges will assess each parent’s relationship with their child, the role they have played in the child’s care in the past, and their ability to provide care in the future. Judges prefer to award shared custody whenever possible. We’ll take the time to understand your relationship with your child to provide the best representation possible in court.

Helping Mothers for Over 40 Years

At Zimmerman Law Offices, we’re proud of our long record of success providing the best legal guidance to Petaluma and Sonoma County families. We strive to build a personal relationship with every one of our clients and believe that the best representation comes from individualized attention. If you’re currently going through a divorce or child custody dispute, we’ll help you accomplish your legal goals and move into the future with confidence.

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