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Owning a business with your spouse is extremely common, but can become a stressful nightmare if you decide to divorce. Fortunately, Zimmerman Law Offices is here to help you sort through the complexities of valuing your family business and preparing for its distribution.

Assessing the True Value

One thing many people don’t realize is that one of the most important parts of business valuation is determining how much value each spouse brings to the business. Would the business still be operational if one of you were suddenly removed? Would the remaining partner need to hire someone to step in and cover the roles of the other spouse? These are the types of questions we’ll need to ask and resolve as we structure the terms of your divorce.

Determining What Happens Next

The other vital part of the business valuation is deciding how the business will run once your divorce is finalized. Do you intend to stay on and work with your spouse? Do you want to sell your shares to your partner for a clean getaway? Thinking about what you want in the long run before you head to court or pursue mediation is essential to a smooth proceeding.

Your Legal Partner

We understand you have a litany of things to ponder and decide upon during your divorce, which can feel overwhelming and distressing. Attorney Jeffrey Zimmerman has helped countless couples through what can be one of the most emotionally damaging events in their lives. Schedule your initial consultation today to get the exceptional counsel you deserve.

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