Petaluma Debt Responsibility Lawyer

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Beyond the emotional turmoil of a divorce is the struggle of divvying up debt acquired during your marriage. With nearly four decades of experience, Zimmerman Law Offices can help you navigate this, oftentimes frustrating, portion of your separation.

Debt May Not Be Divided Equally

Courts do not often assign debt responsibility equally among divorcing spouses. They may award assets and debts in ways that balance each other out. For example, if one party is awarded a greater share of valuable assets they may also be awarded a larger portion of shared debts.

You Have Debt Management Options

Just as marriages come in countless shapes and sizes, so too do debts. We can help you mitigate your debt responsibility by looking at all options, including bankruptcy. We’ll work with you to devise a creative solution that falls within your new budget. Whether you come from a high-asset marriage with a good deal of debt, or a marriage with a more limited cash flow, Zimmerman Law Offices will create a strategy to meet your needs.

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We know getting through your divorce is stressful, but you don’t have to do it alone. Let trusted and respected attorney Jeffrey Zimmerman put his nearly four decades of experience in family law on your side. You’ll get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your lawyer has helped countless clients overcome difficult divorce proceedings.

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