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California couples seeking divorce must take stock of their assets and determine which of those constitute “community property.” Community property must be divided between the two parties as evenly as possible and will be influenced by factors such as individual income and inheritances. Typically, community property assets are ones that were acquired together as a couple, including residences, property, stocks, and vehicles.

Classifying & Tracing

One of the most common disputes between members of a divorcing couple involves determining which assets count as separate or community property. It’s only natural that you would want to bring as many assets with you at the end of the marriage as possible. Attorney Jeffrey Zimmerman can help you trace your assets back to their origins.

Commingled Assets

Think of commingled assets as those whose ownership could be argued either way. For example, if one spouse has been the primary breadwinner while the other has been the primary caregiver of their children, the working spouse’s income is commingled, meaning that efforts made by the other spouse are considered nearly equivalent. To learn more about what constitutes a commingled asset, contact our office today.

A Trusted Ally on Your Side

Classifying and distributing property is often as complicated as it sounds. Zimmerman Law Offices has been dutifully counseling Petaluma clients for nearly 40 years, and we’ve encountered just about every scenario you can imagine. Don’t leave the fate of your valuable assets to chance or your spouse’s attorney. Contact attorney Jeffrey Zimmerman to get started.

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