Petaluma Restraining Orders & Domestic Violence Attorney

Compassionate Restraining Orders & Domestic Violence Attorney Protecting Petaluma Families

Restraining orders are intended to protect those being threatened with violence or abuse from those close to them. Unfortunately, they are sometimes used as a means to gain the upper hand in a contentious family law matter. Whether you’re in need of immediate protection for yourself and your children, or have been falsely accused and facing unfair consequences, we’re here to help.

You Deserve Safety & Security

The ability to feel safe from harm in your own home is essential to maintaining emotional stability. When someone you love has broken your trust in such an abject way that you fear for your life, you must act quickly and decisively. Zimmerman Law Offices will act quickly on your behalf to file the paperwork necessary to protect you and your family.

Protecting Your Rights to Your Home & Reputation

No one deserves to be falsely accused of any crime, especially one as personal and close to the heart as matters related to your family and home life. If a restraining order has been issued against you without basis, you have rights under the law for recourse. You should not face dispossession of the home you’ve built because someone has chosen to use a restraining order as a weapon to harm you.

You’re Not Alone

It is frightening to find yourself on either side of the restraining order coin. When you work with Zimmerman Law Offices, you’ll be met with a sympathetic ear and a clear plan of action to ensure your safety and rights. Don’t delay getting the vital help you and your children need — contact us now to begin moving forward.

Zimmerman Law Offices understands that there is nothing easy about legal matters involving restraining orders and domestic violence. To speak with a discrete Petaluma family lawyer, call our office at (707) 763-9525.