Petaluma Support Attorney

Dedicated Petaluma Spousal Support and Child Support Attorney Assisting with Divorce

Whenever a family goes through a divorce, financial issues are usually at the front of everyone's mind. If one partner earns less than the other, especially if they are also responsible for childcare, that partner is entitled to spousal support—also known as alimony. Similarly, both partners are responsible for providing for the financial well-being of any children. Attorney Jeffrey Zimmerman will help ensure that you and your children are taken care of following your divorce with comprehensive child support and spousal support services.

Child Support

Your children deserve financial security, especially following the emotional turmoil of a divorce. Child support exists to guarantee that custodial parents have the resources they need to provide for children’s best interests. Zimmerman Law Offices will help you get a fair child support agreement so you can provide a stable future for your children.

Spousal Support

If one partner in a marriage sacrifices career opportunities or earns lower wages in order to care for their family, that person is entitled to spousal support (i.e., alimony) following a divorce to cover expenses related to childcare, medical requirements, or other needs. Attorney Jeffrey Zimmerman has the expertise to make sure you’ve got the resources you need to move forward with your life.

Helping Petaluma Families Find Financial Stability

Divorces can feel utterly chaotic, and financial uncertainty is a major part of that. If you’re losing your partner’s shared income or are responsible for taking care of your children, you deserve financial support from your partner. Zimmerman Law Offices will fight for your rights so you can have the future your deserve.

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