Petaluma Child Support Lawyer

Knowledgeable Child Support Lawyer Helping Sonoma County Families

If you and your spouse are currently pursuing a divorce, you may also find yourselves in the dreaded position of establishing a child support arrangement. While determining the amount of support required will vary based on a number of factors, California judges will do their best to issue decisions that serve the best interests of your child.

Give Me the Numbers

The amount of child support will depend on both parents’ incomes, the number of children in need of assistance, each parent’s tax liabilities, your custody arrangement, your children’s health insurance needs and each parent’s job-related expenses. While it may be possible to get a rough estimate of the amount of child support required, only a knowledgeable family lawyer can provide you with a concrete figure.

Protecting Your Children, Both Now and in the Future

Family law attorney Jeffrey Zimmerman takes immense pride in helping Petaluma families establish child support arrangements that benefit their children. After all, our kids are our future, and it’s up to each of us to do whatever we can to ensure their future success. If you are currently grappling with a child support dispute, contact Zimmerman Law Offices today.

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