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Spousal support — commonly referred to as “alimony” — is financial assistance paid by one party to the other following a divorce. As with child support, there are a number of factors that go into determining the amount of spousal support the paying party will need to provide. Working alongside an experienced family law attorney can help ensure your rights are protected during the spousal support process.

First Things First

Without knowing the particulars of your case, figuring out how much you can expect to pay (or receive) in spousal support is extremely difficult, if not impossible. You’re likely looking at a scenario in which you pay/receive either temporary or permanent alimony, but your best bet for understanding what to expect is to consult Zimmerman Law Offices.

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Having represented Petaluma families for nearly 40 years, attorney Jeffrey Zimmerman understands that there is nothing easy about establishing a spousal support arrangement. If you and your partner are currently in a stalemate regarding who owes who — and how much — contact our office immediately. We’ll take care of the particulars so you can focus on what matters most: your loved ones.

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