Petaluma is a city located in Sonoma County, California. When the U.S. government conducted its decennial census in 2010, it found Petaluma’s population to be just under 58,000. The city received its name, which means “hill backside,” from the Coast Miwok tribe, perhaps a reference to its location near Sonoma Mountain.

Gold, Eggs, & Victorian Homes

The population began to skyrocket with the discovery of gold in 1849. It later became well known for its chicken processing industry, eventually earning the nicknames “Egg Basket” and the “Egg Capital of the World.” Today, Petaluma is perhaps best known for its wide variety of Victorian homes. The Petaluma Historic Commercial District, located downtown, is even included in the National Register of Historic Places.


Numerous films and television programs have been filmed in Petaluma, including American Graffiti, Cheaper by the Dozen, Cujo, Mumford, Howard the Duck, Pleasantville, Peggy Sue Got Married, The Man Who Wasn’t There, Basic Instinct, Lolita, Phenomenon, Flubber and Scream. It appears Hollywood filmmakers, just like the city’s residents, have a deep appreciation for pretty locales.

Putting Petaluma to Work

Major employers in Petaluma include Old Adobe Union School District, Petaluma City School District, Clover Stornetta Farms, Petaluma Valley Hospital, City of Petaluma, United States Postal Service, Santa Rosa Junior College, Petaluma Poultry Processors, Calix, and Enphase Energy, Inc. Petaluma also has a strong U.S. Coast Guard presence.

Famous Faces

Notable residents of Petaluma include Lloyd Bridges, Clark Coolidge, Ryan Davis, Jared Emerson-Johnson, Justine Frischmann, Daedalus Howell, Brainerd Jones, Pauline Kael, The Mommies, Karen Kilgariff, Richard A. Penry, Christina Hoff Sommers, Benjamin Trott, Lynn Woolsey, and Mena Grabowski Trott.

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